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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for April 2014

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-1-2014

4:15 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman April deuce (the day after) is my day. Created my own personal gmail in that vein as "aproduce." My spelling is quirky.

4:53 PM - @slavezombie: whenevr I reply 2 @LauraJSilverman, l tell myself "leave that grl alone" but she's the best tweeter I've never met, I live live 4her updates

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-2-2014

10:37 PM - @slavezombie: I wish I could pick up a pencil, put it in my left hand and start doodling in my sketchbook. I wish I could then whip out the watercolors.

From Twitter, Thursday, 4-3-2014

7:14 AM - @slavezombie: My calendar is set to remind me to listen to KXLU from midnight until 2AM every Thursday night bcuz I think metal radio shows still exist

7:23 AM - @slavezombie: Just as monkeys r still around 2c what they've evolved as, what creature habitating on earth could b what humans turn into? I say octopuses.

4:07 PM - @slavezombie: Why I can no not find my custom earbuds? Es ok. I no longer ride w/crazy italian veteran sporting a bike twice his size, mufflers 10x bigger

From Twitter, Friday, 4-4-2014

5:06 PM - @slavezombie: Just posted a photo
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 4-5-2014

1:51 PM - @slavezombie: dicked around web all morn. Acted responsibly looking n2 buying shower door 4 Iguana habitat. Home Depot showed 2 in Stock. Shattered glass.

2:51 PM - @slavezombie: It's siesta hr. Going 2 read a bit while I crawl under a wool blanket that's been broken in and no longer scratchy. Don't worry, it's clean.

2:55 PM - @slavezombie: @KingKightlinger @LauraJSilverman The Lauras: a who done it murmur mystery

From Twitter, Sunday, 4-6-2014

7:44 AM - @slavezombie: twas up til 2am typing content on my typewriter for a Zine. I'm intrigued by the concept of stitched signatures. Anxious 2 reach that stage.

7:54 AM - @slavezombie: @MtnsToCity I'm Curious about your serial number as l have a Royal QDL just like that, and I've estimated a year of 1949-51 for my machine.

6:08 PM - @slavezombie: Typed 8 pgs of rant. Reduced at 50%, arranged on an 8-1/2x11" sheet and, like a puzzle, did it so the front is back 2 back with the back.

From Twitter, Monday, 4-7-2014

7:43 PM - @slavezombie: Yestrday I was ready 2 put the 8 typed pgs n2 a finished zine. 2day I edited the crap out of it. Hope it doesn't bcum 1 of my unfinishd proj

8:27 PM - @slavezombie: Done. Now the putting it together stage... (? Hm. It just feels wrong leaving so much unused character space on a tweet)

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-8-2014

8:28 AM - @slavezombie: waking up early to get some writing done toward the screenplay has always been a chore. Why it's not any different for zines, I cannot say.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-9-2014

6:14 AM - @slavezombie: Makes no sense, on a day that I don't have to be at work till Noone, I wake at the break of dawn to do laundry.

2:06 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Foster's Freeze on #Yelp
[ ]

4:13 PM - @slavezombie: lm proofing 16 pgs of zine w/ typos, but besides that, I also don't know what the hell I'm talking bout. Like a broken record, I'm all over,

4:42 PM - @slavezombie: what will my phone do at the end of the month with the deleted tweets l sent to Laura?

9:49 PM - @slavezombie: Go, Kings, go. And f u lose, that's OK 2. Gloating that I'm not a hardcore loser is another pastime.

9:53 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman @StreborNivek oh jeez. I'm confused.

10:18 PM - @slavezombie: Now then, onward to the continuing saga of Clanofthecavebear which I haven't finished reading.

From Twitter, Thursday, 4-10-2014

1:16 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Foster's Freeze on #Yelp
[ ]

8:24 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman oh fuck... theres'a game?

10:50 PM - @slavezombie: so my friend asked me if I had any headache meds. I have exp. pills. Then I went to use the gift cert. my sis gave me for din at mohalk bend

From Twitter, Friday, 4-11-2014

10:13 AM - @slavezombie: I checked in at The Writers Store on #Yelp
[ ]

11:07 AM - @slavezombie: I just checked in at Perry McGrath Salon on #Yelp and unlocked 10% off hair service!
[ ]

1:54 PM - @slavezombie: Sunset nursery's solution to the dead pet cat Blues
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 4-12-2014

6:02 PM - @slavezombie: I learned a new word today. Laura Is so gosh darn smart.

From Twitter, Sunday, 4-13-2014

8:08 AM - @slavezombie: Dying tree. What could've caused this tree to whither away, and why when I say dying tree im thinking burning man?
[ ]

5:17 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman definitIVely shameful, cuz asking reveals ur weakness and this reply doesnt help u any more than it helps (me)

8:52 PM - @slavezombie: I enjoy pouring herbal horsetail tea on my head after a shower and leaving it in for 20 minutes b4 washing it out. Makes me feel special.

From Twitter, Monday, 4-14-2014

7:05 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman reason why we're so mixed up out here. We're reading outdated signs. Good luck 2 ozzies w this advertising ploy.

2:18 PM - @slavezombie: #Peculiarity Decided 2 bring grapes for lunch. I eat 1, then 2etc. @LauraJSilverman updates her fb w a pic of neph w grapes in mouth. Ahhh!

3:18 PM - @slavezombie: Sandwiches. I forgot the sandwiches.
[ ]

8:05 PM - @slavezombie: I'm taking home SUPER 8 dvd cuz I haven't seen it yet and I have a brownie camera I'm hoping this movie builds inspiration 2 use it properly

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-15-2014

4:12 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman Same here. Even the pot smoking was explored in junior high, and the science class I had then was a farce.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-16-2014

12:47 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman I can go 1 full day w/o bathing before solitary introspection @typewriter produces an evil presence that slaps me senseless

From Twitter, Friday, 4-18-2014

1:41 PM - @slavezombie: found lucky penny but forgot there was another in my pocket. Upon comparing, I notice how lincoln has chg'd over yrs.
[ ]

8:03 PM - @slavezombie: dancing reptile
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 4-19-2014

7:42 PM - @slavezombie: realality video... Do they stay getting scripted? Me thinks yes.
[ ]

8:42 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman hmn, that must be a clue that will link me to pineapple's blog

From Twitter, Sunday, 4-20-2014

3:08 PM - @slavezombie: Thought I'd give thx bcuZ I'm eating bbq. I'm not religeous , in case sb was our there thinking I really speak my thoughts on here.

From Twitter, Monday, 4-21-2014

1:11 PM - @LauraJSilverman: Haiku of the Day: I KNEW NOT OF PAIN - 'TIL I BURIED MY TRUE LOVE - AS THEY SAY, 'ALIVE.'

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-22-2014

10:09 AM - @slavezombie: So I'm guessing night thursday really is lady's night, at least at -- talk about a fish out of water -- @Greystone_Manor

From Twitter, Saturday, 4-26-2014

9:18 AM - @slavezombie: Oh nos, the seedling I started growing from a rose seed doesn't look like it's doing well at all. I give it a low span of 2 days. :'-(

From Twitter, Tuesday, 4-29-2014

12:26 PM - @slavezombie: The 1 day I have digital rec ready to dub KXLU Metal Storm, there's a prog change n I find myself listening 2 "Nightwave". Is this Tullish?

From Twitter, Wednesday, 4-30-2014

7:30 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman twenty-eight! Two eight. Ttttwentyy....

Eight. Brought to you from the Canadian gaming authority. Whut?


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