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Only thing missing is a cast of cosplayers

29th April, 2014 © blanket sin – "Shakespeare Bridge"

Is there a troll under this bridge? Inquiring minds want to know. I will venture into the darkest recesses of Monon St in search of trolls living under the Shakespeare Bridge. I will only be armed with my camera, a pack of smokes, a lighter (which hopefully will save me from being eaten long enough to distract hungry trolls while I sneak away), a pocket knife, and an ice cold beer.

The neighboring houses make the road leading under the bridge seem like a quiet residential district. It may be impossible to roar in with my Harley Nightster 1200XL without waking anybody up, hence the ice cold beer I will be packing if I find I need to walk several blocks from where I park my bike. In the past I've taken several photos of this bridge, but I've never wandered underneath it. My curiosity won't let it go, and the next time I load my camera with a roll of film, this will be one of my stops.

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