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Of the entire roll of 127 film, this is my favorite shot

28th April, 2014 © blanket sin – "goldenroadbrewery232"

I parked my car in the parking lot for Golden Road. I walked all the way to this point, San Fernando and Doran St., which isn't far at all, but the hot sunny weather on that day made the return so much more thirst quenching. I like shooting in black and white. Freestyle, on Sunset Blvd, didn't have anymore 127 size film in black and white and I ended up buying color. The nice sales clerk was going into all kinds of options I have with respooling 35mm onto the backing paper of the 127 and that I should request the spool, as well as the paper, back when I send my film for processing.

The thing about the paper, she said, was that it's curved to keep the light out. There's nothing quite like it. I went home thinking about how complicated a photographer's life must be with all the crafty preparations they must endure to prepare a single roll of film. I would never have the patience for that, I thought to myself. And yet, I couldn't stop thinking about it. How or where can I get curved paper?

Well, I get a call that my film is ready to pick up and as it turns out, the paper got ripped and the only thing I got back was a few inches of it. I wouldn't doubt the paper is recycled for respooling purposes by the folks who worked on developing my roll of film. Meanwhile, I'm just thinking "paper. paper. paper." Suddenly, an idea comes to me. Packing tape, the kind that must be moistened, is curved. Now all I have to do is figure out how to back the side with the glue black. A sharpie? My brain is thinking rubylith, amberlith, black spray paint, oil paint, etc.

No wonder photographers like to take pictures. This is fun. I can't wait until I figure out how to blacken the glue side so that I can start number the back side with frame positions. Then, I can try respooling a roll of 35mm to the back of it. In the dark. Heh. I'm going to feel like I should have a seeing eye dog or a red and white cane AND a pair of dark glasses.

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