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20 April 2014 © blanket sin – "too busy at Amoeba Records"

I had my coupon ready for the 10% off on purchases exceeding $5. I wanted to park in the free area directly underneath the store, but there was a line of cars waiting to get in and I didn't have that kind of patience. I continued homeward bound on Sunset Blvd. I wanted to take a picture of the Vista theater's marquee. Johnny Depp, stoned out of his mind (probably) with the caption Transcendence. I dunno if I'm up to see that.

Whatever, though. I sped around the block to see if I could video the marquee as I kind thought it looked strange. That got me onto Franklin, off Hillhurst where I went over the Shakespeare Bridge. From there I continued toward home, but stopped at the record store to have a beer across the street and buy a pack of smokes. Silly, I walked about 200 yards to the nearest liquor store for a pack of smokes when they have a machine at the Red Lion. Anyway, I picked up a record to add to the collection. Came home and listened to Iron Maiden.


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