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Looks like first stages of Russian/American embargo to effect me involves flickr

1st April, 2014 © blanket sin – "Horsetail Fern (Scouring Rush)"

It looks like Flickr has turned off the option to "share" photos with livejournal. If I remember correctly, I also had my wordpress/blogspot (or some other blogging service) linked up so that my pix would automatically update there and that's disappeared as well. Now, the only way one can share their flickr images is thru tumblr, facebook or twitter.

When I first realized this was the case, the first thing that came to mind was the Russian embargo which the prez initiated as a result of the Ukrainian hostilities. Of course, that cannot be the cause because then I would still be able to link my flickr pix to that other blog site I never use. I tried to do a quick keyword search on google/bing to see if anybody else has been affected by this turn of events. Surely bloggers everywhere who included their pictures from flickr and raising a ruckus about this. Yes?

I haven't seen anything addressing this problem yet. Of course, I haven't looked very hard. I can get past the sharing feature flickr utilizes by simply copying the grabbing the html/BBCode and pasting it onto my blog directly. I miss the customization I spent hours perfecting on the flickr site which used layers floating elements, which I'm not very good with, but maybe this is a sign to polish up on my css know-how.

Todays picture is my horsetail fern which has grown into a full bodied bush. I've been looking into properly harvesting the plant for tea, as I understand that making tea from a horsetail fern can be more harmful than beneficial if not done correctly. For starters, harvest your horsetail fern during the Spring. You can dry it and crush it into a powder form for storage (in a sealed container located in a cool, dark place.)

I didn't know this before, but there is a difference between a horsetail fern and a scouring rush, which are basically the same plant, but the scouring rush should not be used for tea. The picture I've shown includes scouring rush, and if you've seen other pictures online of horsetail, you might note that those pix really do resemble somewhat of a horses tail. You don't see that too much in my picture and I don't know why. Maybe my plant needs more water. I will be harvesting what horsetail I do find and storing it for tea. The scouring rush is something I've heard can be used as a hair product. So I won't be tossing the scouring rush either, but I will make a concoction to use in the shower as a rinse of sorts for my hair.

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