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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for March 2014

From Twitter, Monday, 3-3-2014

6:26 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Mohawk Bend on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 3-4-2014

1:58 PM - @slavezombie: that made me cry@kellyoxford @futureislands @LateShow

From Twitter, Friday, 3-7-2014

10:10 PM - @slavezombie: I will stop tagging my blog entries with multiple keywords. #newyearsresolution

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-8-2014

10:32 PM - @slavezombie: Had the Chili tamales. You should try them at least once. (@ ArcLight Cinemas) on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 3-9-2014

8:40 PM - @slavezombie: From x2x I'll see tweets of peeps bagging on writers who take their manual typewriter to a cafe. Welp... via @YouTube
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 3-11-2014

12:43 AM - @slavezombie: Howd the elephants make it all the way to Africa? When I was growing up, I always thought they lived in jungles. Surely there's jungles here

From Twitter, Wednesday, 3-12-2014

12:49 AM - @slavezombie: So the new time change over the weekend... It means I should be getting sleepy earlier from now on. Right?

12:51 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman those are lumps as in the 60's when a waitress asked how many sugars u want in ur coffee

From Twitter, Thursday, 3-13-2014

12:28 AM - @slavezombie: I don't know about anybody else, but it's 12 freaking 30 at night and I'm not at all sleepy.

2:57 PM - @slavezombie:
see? this is what I mean about my imagination getting away from me, @LauraJSilverman
[ ]

10:41 PM - @slavezombie: Drone captures E. Harlem explosion scene on video
Great pix put it all n perspective. Had thot it 2b just few windows
[ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 3-14-2014

8:23 AM - @anabstar: I am dying. #nanorhino
[ ]

8:27 AM - @slavezombie: @MarloMeekins where's the fun in that?

11:46 PM - @slavezombie: SXSW: Future Islands deliver their own brand of art-pop via @EW Those moves are so raw.
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-15-2014

9:24 AM - @slavezombie: 477: Typewriter
[ ]

7:36 PM - @slavezombie: Today we're going to try a different Kind of remedy for the fucking headaches I get.
[ ]

8:23 PM - @slavezombie: Man cannot in good conscience make animals act 4 us for the sake of entertainment

From Twitter, Monday, 3-17-2014

12:38 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at In-N-Out Burger on #Yelp
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 3-19-2014

8:15 AM - @slavezombie: Something's wrong. When browsing pix of vintage typewriters, I never see adjoining text produced by it. It's like they're taxidermied.

9:17 AM - @GonzoVice: All my life, my heart has sought a thing I cannot name.

From Twitter, Thursday, 3-20-2014

8:18 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman It's my b-day and I had a dream a cpl nites ago that u were in as well. Thk u. Hope the feeling was mutual. Woke up at apex

8:21 AM - @slavezombie: @MarloMeekins if you live in California, Colorado or Washington, Yes.

8:31 AM - @slavezombie: @lisadraws And l'm thinking that's normal. Especially if she just got bathed. Then I read Your previous tweet. lol!

8:34 AM - @slavezombie: @MarloMeekins o_0

9:28 PM - @slavezombie: It was an exhausting day. I didn't even notice that I took the day of from work.

From Twitter, Friday, 3-21-2014

2:50 PM - @slavezombie: Radiohead - Creep:
I cannot stop staring at Charlotte Gainsbourg in this video
[ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-22-2014

2:42 PM - @slavezombie: Lookit the cute Lizard roaming around my nephews house
[ ]

5:37 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman was Asked 2 blow after performance 2nite and I always do what I'm asked. Tweet tweet.

9:26 PM - @slavezombie: But does it get better and when's a good time to 2 stop looking? RT @NahdinSabla: F Scott Fitzgerald Love Quote Made
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 3-25-2014

9:26 AM - @slavezombie: @JenXer over the yrs, I've gone thru 4 puters, 3 printers and spent hrs learning html and css. Now I manually type & scan prints n2 Internet

11:16 AM - @slavezombie: Check out my Flipboard magazine, Henry's 2 doors down
[ ]

2:38 PM - @slavezombie: Not only do I not have good places to lunch in 30 min at work, if I take a walk, I don't get good 3G/4G.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 3-26-2014

4:21 PM - @slavezombie: If I drive fast enough, I can just about make to and from the baklava factory for lunch.
[ ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 3-27-2014

2:37 PM - @slavezombie: Us magazine has Robin Wright's b4/after makeover, sans cross etching on back. So sexy, but i wonder what Sandra Bullock would look like?

From Twitter, Saturday, 3-29-2014

6:11 PM - @slavezombie: whenever I think I can predict these things, I end up going to sears (a play on words). No landsend boxer shorts at the Glnd outlet.

From Twitter, Sunday, 3-30-2014

12:06 PM - @AxlRosenberg: @LauraJSilverman @wannajew @69hunna Is potato Kansas slang for "vagina?"


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