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April is going to be chaotic. I should tweet about it.

I make no excuses for not updating my blog. The situation at work has become somewhat overwhelming and I find myself doing work stuff on my leisure time. Why? I really can't say. One thing is for sure, however, and that is I'm using my manual typewriter for official PCoffice stuff. PCoffice is the label I have given my computer folders for stuffing junk pertaining to work in them. Needless to say, by the time I finish doing PCoffice stuff at home, I'm too tired to continue to tap away on the Royal QDL for a decent blog entry (the way I like to do them). Not like this.

So, I make no excuses. Where are all the other bloggers that use to be so bloggy that they would create voice posts, send IMs using an IM server for real time chatting, and commenting? Geez, I get zero comments on my blog. It's shameful. I mean, I know I write for myself and all, but there's gotta be peeps out there with similar interests.

Anywayzzz… The good news is I finally got the lighting fixture raised over the top of the iguana habitat. Everything else should be a breeze (crossing fingers). I mean, I'm lazy, yes. But how hard could it be to install a shower door. The shelving is the next step before the shower door. I have a couple days off this week, but I need more home depot supplies and money is scarce until payday. I'm not going to bore you with anymore junk. I'll leave you with this: SUPERSTAR!


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