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Bier de Stone

Status report my tongue

My tongue is kinda sensitive right now because of eating so many sunflower seed. This was a couple days ago and it's still feels like I've licked a piece of sandpaper.

I have a book that was being thrown out by somebody cleaning out their garage. It looked like it was in good condition, and I don't know why the library wasn't considering adding it to the fiction collection. It's Stephen King! As I'm reading I notice that somebody has ripped a page out of it.

I've gotten pretty doing repairs of this kind, so I get another copy of the same book and make copies of the missing page. I continue reading, after I think that's the only page missing and return the second copy to the library I got it from, and I come to another page that's been ripped out. Nothing unusual about the missing pages. Did people not like DREAMCATCHER for some reason? I think it's pretty good.

I almost fell asleep watching Season 3 episode 1 of "Game of thrones". Too much time lapsed between having watched the last episode of season 2 that I've forgotten what the cliff hanger was about.

I finally reached level 8 in the game INGRESS. I've been trying to remember to carry my old brownie camera which I've filled with black and white film when I play because sometimes I'll stumble onto a portal that truly is picture worthy. Those pix won't be available for some time yet. I'm only on exposure 3 of what I believe is a roll of 7.

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