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Just downloaded the update to iPod. Now I can listen to streams from live broadcast stations. I haven`t figured out how to stream preferred stations like and, but it`s a start. And the stations I`ve managed to download have indeed been free.

The W.A.S.P. concert Tuesday night was incredible. I don`t know whether it was having been directly in front of the stage this time, or the members of the band having worked out the kinks in their performance from last year, but I thought it was great. I guess HOB is slightly bigger than The Whiskey, but it seems that the Whiskey concerts go on longer into the night than HOB concerts. The props were awesome, though they didn`t change at all. I thought they had improved the human pony ride that Blackie mounts for applying his neon gel to his face, but it was just the different angle that I was in that made me feel that way. Having watched from the balcony the previous year, I saw the large automobile spring that the skeleton was mounted on, but from the floor, that isn`t visible.

Just as the concert started, and I reached the door, the metal detector guy said I couldn`t enter with a wallet chain. He suggested hiding the chain in the bushes, or throwing it away. Hah! So I kinda missed most of Stephen Pearcy`s performance. I had a shot of whiskey and a beer. I know there`s easier ways to catch a buzz but I was developing a headache on the drive to, so I decided to take with me a couple pills. I finished the beer before I remembered to take them and almost puked trying to pass the first one. The second one went down smoothly and I began to wonder, is this what it`s like if I could get my hands on some rave/ecstacy?

I met Ian and Chad who snuck in in front of me before LA GUNS started. I don`t know where they`d disappeared afterwards, but being hardcore fans, I assume they found their way backstage to party with the band. I don`t know why something like that doesn`t ever happen to me. But W.A.S.P., I guess, is too big. I would`ve at least liked to have scored on the hot red-head that was directly in front, behind the rail. Didn`t catch the name of the blond asshole that yelled in my ear. If you`re reading this…
don`t do that, man. You look like a lady and I thought you were a chick whom`s voice wouldn`t amplify as loud as a dude. Either that, or grow a mustache or something so people know you aren`t gonna come across with a squeaky high voice harmfull to my eardrum!
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