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Sinister dreams

    Last night I took some time to watch WOLF CREEK on DVD. It was interesting to say the least and it left me wondering whether Australia truly does have a the largest meteor crater in the world and whether or not extensive wandering about in that area will indeed drain the cell batteries of your watch. After the film ended I decided to watch the special features. I fell asleep on the couch and was awakened by Figaro at 3:15am meowing for food. I fed the cat, the whole time thinking how odd that I would wake up at precisely 3:15 (the witching hour). I usually try to sleep through the entire 3:00 hour.
    So, feeling ridiculous at brushing my teeth before bed since I would be waking up again in several hours, I tuck myself into my flannel blankets. I dream of Ana working at a doughnut shop. I'm talking to her, but somehow what I want to say to her doesn't register in my brain. I want to say, "I want you. I need you.", but one can't come staight out with something like that w/o being chided, not taken serious, or feared. As I leave, I have trouble lighting a paper match (for a smoke). I strike it against the concrete wall and it miraculously lights. I don't know what to make of it and discard the match w/o lighting up my cigaret.
    While straightening up a bit I found a note some guy, now working in Hlwd on Ivar, helped me in figuring the cross points for drawing pentagons. x=13, y=40. I was playing with that this weekend trying to brainstorm an interesting way to memorize it. It really works! I'll probably update this entry with graphics behind lj-cuts. So if you're into Wicca, and you do NOT know how to draw a perfect pentagram in a circle, perhaps you'll find this interesting.
    I must've searched everywhere for images of Rosalinda Celentano in her Satan garb for the film Passion of the Christ. I didn't have too much difficulty finding google images, but one in particular, Satan carrying a malformed baby/dwarf wasn't so easy. I'm particularly interested in movie stills which include her thumbnail while carrying her child through the crowd of spectators watching the blows of beatings being fulfilled on Christ. I discovered the html code for the greek symbol Chi Rho BTW. It is &#9767 or &#x2627.
It doesn't appear on all computers as the letter P with and x overstriking the P stem. I guess it's only for newer OS. Anyway, my next lj icon should contain these thumbnail images when I finally get around to working on it.
    I popped the battery back into my iPod. It looks new again, it just doesn't do all the things the Nano does.
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