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where's everybody?

Recently I downloaded Xabber for my phone. Its an instant messaging app very much like how AIM and lCQ work. The only difference is that it is compatible with livejournal.

It's pretty cool in that all my lj user friends are automatically added. What sucks, however, is nobody uses the instant message feature has to offer, other than Frank the goat. I guess I can make it a project to search out ljers that are so gung-ho about blogging this way that they have found a níche for themselves using IM messaging. The big question is: will it turn out to be a tech savvy group of nerds, or will I find a writing Comm that keeps close ties with each other this way too?

It's weird, too, because I know that I'd find something on Google chats, plus there's hundreds of meetups that focus on writing. The thing about meetups, though, is we're all situated into sharing our geeky ideas with one another in a classroom-style setting. Albeit in a café. I found a really cool meetup that not only meets for exchanging scripts for critiquing purposes, they also hold monthly mixers at trending bar restaurants. The problem is, everybody is so fixated on their own progress that nobody really finds a compatible comrade to raise hell with, and we all end up just taking up space at the bar being geeks.

Honestly, I think it would be more productive to critique each other on a blog community and meet one another at bars for hell raising purposes in an effort to recharge our batteries from all the work we do toward advancing as writers. Thinking along these lines makes me wonder whether all the popular social websites were created to detract from such organizations. But my philology is a bizarre one in that I believe that libraries started including massive DVD collections for the purpose of reducing the amount of reading people do; because, after all, reading can be a dangerous thing when people like me learn more and more about how and why it's possible for a people to love their country, but be scared to death of their government. It's the anarchy question in the end. Look what's going on in the Ukraine. It's only a matter of time that something like that will happen in America. Remember when communist Russia collapsed, then shortly thereafter the economy here in America went under. Welp, that's what I'm referring to... We seem to follow in suit after something major and life altering happens in a country considered to be a super power.


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