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alphabet versus pictograms

28th January, 2014 © blanket sin – "4panel"

Lately, my index finger has been feeling strained. Yesterday I found myself trying to write with my left hand at work just to give my index finger some r&r.

What's causing it. I like to think my index finger has never been the same since the accident in work resulting in five stitches. Otherwise, it could just be all the writing I do with pen and pencil. I never quite developed a habit of writing directly onto my typewriter. I have to hand print it first on paper, then use the chicken scratch as a guide as I transfer most of what I wrote onto a page of fairly legible story.

Today, during lag time at work of course, I would normally have been writing two to three pages of brainstorming material. But because my index finger wasn't up to it, and my left hand sucks at printing, I decided to tell my story using pictures. My left hand is usually pretty good at coming up with bizarre things to draw. I dunno why I can't get my right hand to do this kind of thing.

This 8-1/2 x 11" sheet of doodling took me approximately two hours to draw. Remember, it was done completely with my left hand. I don't have captions for any of it, so any ideas would seriously be considered. I'll go thru what exactly it is that I drew now.

The tea kettle is a reminder to brew some ice tea. There's a cat in the background because, well, I was thinking of my late Figaro today. Second panel is my porch. I didn't have time to add color, but if I had, you'd be able to distinguish the foliage growing there. I have my portable typewriter sitting on my porch because is seems like a serene place to get some writing done.

Panel three is the mail lady who comes by every day. Part of her shirt isn't completely tucked into her uniform, but I thought I would mention that as it is beginning to look to me as though her pants are unbuckled.

The last frame is one of the wild birds who come by to eat the wild bird feed I buy for them during the winter. I have it in a cage so that the squirrels don't steal it. These birds actually go right in and munch on the seed. This was on my mind because they've eaten it all up and I was trying to make myself remember to stop by Petco to buy some more.


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