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Dirty filthy love

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    I'm so bored staying at home tonite. I guess I'm just not a party kind of guy. I don't know how people can break it off with a lover, and pick themselves up for another trist with somebody else, or at least make an effort to do so by hanging out. Plainly, it is the constant nudging and pestering from friends to come out of a stuper that eventually convinces the heart broken to indulge. It's a gay and lousy excuse IMO.
    So, after lunch I was thinking of taking a siesta while reading. Instead, I watch a movie called Dirty, filthy love and I have to say, it opened my eyes to how fortunate I am that my own life didn't turn upside down the way the main character in this film does. It's sad, that a woman would marry a man and take a vow to be together for better or worst, then when he begins to get on her nerves as a result of his OCD and Tourettes, she dumps him.
    The other OCD characters who bind with one another in support of defeating their affliction make the movie the comedy it is, but the R rating for strong language makes me wonder about the FCC. When I saw the film Super size me and listened to interviews of commentators explaining how tobacco has gotten such a bad wrap as criticizing smokers became socially acceptable, I felt enlightened. It's only a matter of time before obese people start getting the same treatment, I suppose. So, mental disorders characterized by lude outbursts don't qualify for an FCC acception. Network broadcasters allowing censorship of this nature should be sullied for their ineptness to keeping an eye on factual hindrances. What truly gets my blood boiling is the idea that language should take objective criticism to keep it clean where official English speaking countries can't differentiate in writing próduce and produce. Saying to a cow "dairy produce" isn't going to get milk any faster than telling the cow to "produce dairy", so why the difference in syllable inflection? I guess gossip wouldn't be a major media tactic if a cop couldn't be said to be gay for beating heterosexuals likened to sadism, and Texans who perform s&m must wear ankle bracelets.

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