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Election season

18th January, 2014 © blanket sin – "octoberfest2014"

I don't know about you, but I cannot stand it when my mailbox is flooded with 30lb card stock postcards announcing each of the freaking candidates that are possible electorates to whatever office they're running for during the voting season. It makes me feel like going off the grid.

I'm the type who shreds any and all correspondence containing identifying information. It's come to the point that I will simply rip off the small portion of envelope and/or letter salutation containing my name to conserve the motor on my shredder as it has conked out as a result of overheating. Then I have to wait while I continue to shred the rest of my junk mail.

Well, the article in this week's LA Weekly covered one of the candidates. And as I was reading, I spotted a misnomer. She is new age. Very involved in social media like twitter, but how much would anybody care to wager that even though she claims to be against the cookie-cutter approach to politics, she too will have her own budget for candidate mailers filling our junkmail canisters.

Like me, I refuse to succumb to google search spiders to manipulate their banner ads with what I'm writing. Therefore, the closest I will ever come to typing the name, of whom this smorgasbord of mental floss I doodled from work headlines, will have to be by the misnomer she identified as new age guru and what I like to refer to as the twat candidate. Pun intended.


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