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Wells (reminds me of "Come on Eileen" video)

11/30/13 © Blanket sin – "Bang Bang!"

Keep hearing how Echo Park is filled with hipster bars. And the if I had to choose a cool place to sit and drink and socialize or people watch, I think I would choose Tiki-Ti, but that place isn't local for me anymore. While I have walked all the way to there, it makes for a lonely walk. I guess dive bars aren't my watering hole choice. Jeez, if you saw the kind of hanger-on I had clinging to me the last time I went there, I'm sure you'd say the same.

I like places with food that I'm going to like. I guess I'm selective with the food I eat as I am selective with the girls I'm attracted to; and if you believe that, then that would explain my zero to none odds that some cute, attractive, sexy lady (no doubt a spy of sorts) might seem interested in getting to know me.

The crowd last night at Mohawk might've been a college football one. I think USC was playing UCLA, but I wasn't glued to the screen. I sat at the bar on the side where the cooks work. People watching in that corner is like a soap opera. The side where the hard liquor is displayed for browsing seems too busy, with people constantly hovering over shoulders to place orders, collect drinks, make payments.

As I head back after dinner, which BTW was a really good short rib, I pause at the changes that time reveals in store fronts. This picture I've uploaded use to be a furniture store. I think it was called Stone Bros. The gothic print bounced out at me, I don't know why. May have something to do with the fine print where the sign company advertises as though they are… well, a sign company.

The composition as a whole was totally unintentional. Next morning I find myself scrutinizing photo and notice how bright the billboard of the upcoming James Bond film illuminates the corner. Then my eye travels to the right and notice if I crop the border just a bit, I get a kind of action still with captions.

If you like that, 007 seems to be aiming his gun. Imagine he shoots it and the bullet ricochets off the post where the light being emitted from lamp post might double as sparks flying from the friction of lead against matter.

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