Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Interviews of screenwriters on becoming effective in writing realistic dialog

Never realized how difficult writing dialog could be until I literally saw how much space it takes on a page. I have two how-to books on the subject alone. When you realize that screenplays are best written thru direction (action), instead of revealing the plot thru dialog the way a play might be written, then it becomes a obvious how selective a writer must be when putting together sentences.

Somehow IMDB sent a notification of accomplished screenwriters on the subject of dialog. I sometimes add movies to my watch list (on IMDB) but I don't know yet how this became a tid bit, unless Greta Gerwig was the key. I didn't know she was a screenwriter, but I may have added her to my watch list because of a movie I may have seen worn her in it. Also, I might have added Nicole Holofcener to my watch list because of I like her Catherine Keener films.

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