Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone


I was going to link this to my previous entry, but why? I asked myself. WTF? It is in no way related. I'm walking home from dinner at Mohawk Bend.

Stopped at a light signal to cross, I overhear conversation about this or that involving a word that sounds Mexican but is not. "What word is this?' you are talking about, I ask. Muwatta is the response. Well, what does it mean? It means "Fuck your mother" in Israeli. Hell… that's some useful info. Who wouldn't want to know how to say to an Israeli go fuck your mother? Yes. Keep the faith.

I make the sign of the horns, a well known heavy metal sign, bid farewell to 2 total strangers I had just happened to talk with as a result of overhearing their interesting topic.


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