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Oh well. It looked like it might've been a blockbuster, but the working conditions are literally harrowing. SOB!

I had to clear out fast. The abuse, mofo--the abuse. Hair flying everywhere, fingernails aimed at eyeballs. I'm just glad that traditiona l sex is usually encountered in the bedroom, not the kitchen (where sharp objects reside at hand.

My bff is cute and I just can't say no to her invites to hang out. The sex,.. I can't really talk about in this format. You have to read about what happens in my life in movie script format AND of course the names are changed to protect the innocent.

Blah blah...

I'm sorry. I know it's hard to read my shit. It's formatted for industry professionals. It's embarrassing both to post this way and reveal so much about my life. But I didn't lie about the book deal thing earlier, a the continuing safa c I'd the DIERDRE/ARNOLD romance ensures among the ruibs of a conspiracy involving Nazism, visitors from outer space, and time travel. Let's not forget the rooftoo jungle.

Stay tuned.

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