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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for October 2013

From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-1-2013

2:18 PM - @slavezombie:
Diddy about a girl and her goat. Makes me feel sad how bloggers abandoned lj's Frank the goat 4 blogspot/wordpress.
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3:02 PM - @slavezombie: Was looking fwd 2 eating Hawaiian at l&l (4430 york bl.)in EagleRock, but when I asked for smaller containers to go, they're all no-can-do.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-2-2013

10:50 AM - @slavezombie: Figaro is no more. If there is a cat heaven, that's where he went. I miss him already. "Meow. Meow. Meow." were his last words to me.

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-3-2013

4:09 AM - @slavezombie: "Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." Looks like this is my life to a cue these days

9:40 AM - @freyjavansiren: Love it!
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9:46 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman firemen are a-holes. Other day I'm on my mc stopped at a light. Along comes a fire truck to honk its blaring horn in my ear

3:55 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman I never thought of it that way. Thanks for enlightening me. I knew those Fig leaves served a purpose other than camouflage.

5:18 PM - @slavezombie: #FiveWords
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From Twitter, Sunday, 10-6-2013

8:58 AM - @slavezombie: any Op on the Redskins name is to change it to initials RS (past tense) so people pronounce it Washington Arrests.

2:12 PM - @slavezombie: @julietcowan I love this ensemble you've put together. I think it's hot.

4:43 PM - @slavezombie: I think I'm getting the hang of it. Keeping ferns healthy and growing is easy peezy
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9:01 PM - @slavezombie: @MissLiterati l think it's different. check out my my blog, please, at Blanketsin dot com

From Twitter, Monday, 10-7-2013

8:51 AM - @slavezombie: Unemployed graduate students may find manual #typewriters something wonderful and foresee trending business if they'd manufacture them again

1:56 PM - @Slayer: Exclusive Tom Araya Interview on Loudwire...
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From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-8-2013

12:50 PM - @slavezombie: iam hungry for lunch but when I think of what my options are, my appetite goes away.

2:04 PM - @slavezombie: this tray use to be full just a minute ago.
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From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-9-2013

9:36 AM - @slavezombie: Just discovered I have 2 YouTube accts(+I'm not referring 2 youporn).Since im always logged n2 google, YouTube doesn't care 4 hotmail regstr

11:40 AM - @slavezombie: Duh. That's why when I request to watch something "later", using my laptop, my YouTube videos watch list on my phone doesn't list them!

12:43 PM - @slavezombie: @rubyriz looking fwd to seeing the kind of stuff you come out with this year!

2:08 PM - @slavezombie: Via PicsArt #typewriter #love #Latin
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4:50 PM - @slavezombie: @ArianaGrande that's early for Santa making the rounds. Now let's tLog!

8:18 PM - @slavezombie: what are people saying about these #adida #spring-loaded running shoes?
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From Twitter, Thursday, 10-10-2013

12:17 PM - @slavezombie: A stupid driver nearly Crashed into me as she pulled out of the driveway of a supermarket. what's wrong w/ people?! Look! b4 you pull out

3:44 PM - @slavezombie: funny and cute
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From Twitter, Friday, 10-11-2013

8:45 PM - @slavezombie: Hm, what time it is?

From Twitter, Sunday, 10-13-2013

10:36 AM - @slavezombie: Breakfast ookn has an outsider chair
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From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-15-2013

8:21 AM - @slavezombie: still not getting love, Huitt.
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9:47 AM - @slavezombie: doocey playing hard to get
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5:34 PM - @slavezombie: Life was easier when URLs were URLs.
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5:58 PM - @slavezombie: @Lennyjacobson
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From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-16-2013

1:23 AM - @slavezombie: when my Cat was around, at night when I heard scary sounds, I would dismiss them for the Cat. Now I'M gonna flip.

1:37 AM - @slavezombie: @lisadraws Cats r superior 2 humans; they believe they r the universal chosen species-I think They just want to cuddle 1/3 of their lives.

10:02 PM - @slavezombie:
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From Twitter, Thursday, 10-17-2013

1:15 PM - @slavezombie:
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1:45 PM - @slavezombie: Commercial audition take one.
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1:47 PM - @slavezombie: Glerg.
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4:33 PM - @slavezombie: Slayer's Tom Araya on New Album + Jeff Hanneman's Legacy
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10:42 PM - @slavezombie: @kellyoxford Any updates on the guy that did that? I mean, is there a book out yet?

From Twitter, Friday, 10-18-2013

9:57 AM - @slavezombie: sitting here at work waiting for us to open at 10.
got my weaving lanyard project and my @lisadraws book, pen and paper and boss lady is off

1:24 PM - @slavezombie: Hey, guess what? its 1:23Pm

1:49 PM - @slavezombie:
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From Twitter, Saturday, 10-19-2013

7:06 PM - @slavezombie: Detroit Lions!

From Twitter, Sunday, 10-20-2013

6:54 PM - @slavezombie: @deanna_tupy I want you to get a typewriter too,

10:03 PM - @slavezombie: if Obama wins another term, l will either be dead or in jail. - Ted Nugent (on premonition of SLAYER)

From Twitter, Monday, 10-21-2013

8:03 AM - @slavezombie: @Ain0407 what away to be censored -- computer keyboard then touch screen,

From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-22-2013

7:35 AM - @slavezombie: Show me a nude painter (photographer) and I'll show you somebody who eats where he shits.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-23-2013

2:40 PM - @slavezombie: Via PicsArt #picsart #photography #android
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3:25 PM - @slavezombie: process break repeat
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4:41 PM - @slavezombie: @lisadraws They're introverts and nervous'bout doing anything alone, taking comfort n the impression they might cast standing next to some-1

From Twitter, Friday, 10-25-2013

2:07 PM - @slavezombie: Last few remaining # typewriters, and this one is almost out the door.
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10:04 PM - @slavezombie: qve caraji ... crazy movie, that one

10:06 PM - @slavezombie: #Movie43

From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-29-2013

12:06 PM - @Slayer: Best shirt of the night!
October 28,2013. Palladium, Hollywood, CA.
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From Twitter, Wednesday, 10-30-2013

11:14 AM - @slavezombie: @opetriello happy happy joy joy

From Twitter, Thursday, 10-31-2013

6:06 PM - @slavezombie: Happy Halloween!
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