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im•be•cile n [F imbecile, n., fr. adj., weak, weak=minded, fr. L imbecillus, prob. fr. in- + -becillus (akin to L baculum staff) — more at PEG] (1802) 1: a mentally deficient person; esp: a feebleminded person having a mental age of three to seven years and requiring supervision in the performance of routine daily tasks of caring for himself 2: fool, idiot imbecile or im•be•cil•ic

I just realized why my rendition of the a song I'm learning on guitar doesn't sound anything like the CD version during the solo. I've been playing tabs for lead and rythm side by side, instead of simultaniously. It's humanly impossible to play two guitars at the same time, unless I record the rythm and try to accompany lead with it, but I'm relearning the solo now that I can distinguish it in the audio version of The headless children album.
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