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The conspiracy part will have to interrupt an otherwise romantic love story

There'd been a conspiracy in the story I was trying to stem into a different direction. Back in high school, BIER would take public transit to EMILY's house. The old church on Hoover, etc.
I'll need to weed those pages and place them into the scenes I have shuffled together.
That was around the time all the research on Hitler Youth came in, what, about five or six months ago. THAT STUFF, with the hot steamy sex scenes between two consenting young adults, should be adequate for mind capturing attention getters. And if we have to get dark,. as in night scene where lighting is low, we can poke a few Hunter S. Thompson visions. There was something about that fist he had plans to construct. That his last project was a conspiracy theory of 9/11, and he trying to construct a giant fist with two thumbs in the air says something. jimjones
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