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Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for September 2013

From Twitter, Sunday, 9-1-2013

10:54 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman Oy--I'm in love with oi (and I feel fine)

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-3-2013

11:22 AM - @slavezombie: My drinking buddy bee
[ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-4-2013

1:20 AM - @slavezombie: Angelinos
[ ]

12:02 PM - @slavezombie: Oy-a new rule is being enforced at work. From now on parents can't use their kids cards without kid being present. Expect complaints.

1:54 PM - @slavezombie: Are you the woman who passes like a leaf And let the trees a fire of autumn?

8:24 PM - @slavezombie:
Sun dials are fascinating. When I read the time on them on sunny days, I'm amazed that the shadow matches my watch.
[ ]


From Twitter, Thursday, 9-5-2013

12:42 AM - @slavezombie: I can't sleep again. And I forgot to bring home my Coca Cola bottle I stuffed in the fridge at work.

3:14 PM - @slavezombie: hmm, wondering if there's a way to edit typos in tweets.

My last tweet was supposed to say GLENDALE TRAFFIC SUCKS AT NOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:34 PM - @slavezombie: It's funny, and cute sometimes, when customers speaking a foreign language are trying to get their library fines reduced.

From Twitter, Friday, 9-6-2013

6:25 AM - @slavezombie: Photo:
Sneaking up to the cat, Figaro, to pet him. Now that he can't see so well, it's easy. Listen to him mermer
[ ]

listen carefully

12:41 PM - @slavezombie: I can't decide between YOU'RE NEXT and BLUE JASMINE, if the urge to sit thru a movie after work happens

From Twitter, Sunday, 9-8-2013

6:49 PM - @slavezombie: @typewritepoetry I couldn't have come out of my shell w/o you. Thanks for being such a good teacher.

6:57 PM - @slavezombie: Grew up w/the Dodgers. Remember how disappointment would end the season. Is this where my dark perspective comes from? lose, Dodgers, lose.

8:18 PM - @slavezombie: Heh, I'm having fun. I don't care if I do have to work tomorrow.

From Twitter, Monday, 9-9-2013

2:54 PM - @DavidMBarrett: Oh, no! RIP #CalWorthington
[ ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-10-2013

5:51 AM - @slavezombie: Just had a dream about watching a movie. Movie was about some guy who is laying low & getting off the grid because peeps are trying kill him

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-11-2013

2:57 PM - @slavezombie: Libr book on japanese calligraphy arrived. Browsing thru it and was just now reminded of a dream I had last night. I got a tattoo on elbow.

From Twitter, Friday, 9-13-2013

2:14 PM - @Slayer: ARTISTdirect gets Slayer stories from Slash, Rob Zombie, Phil Anselmo and others!...
[ ]

4:11 PM - @slavezombie: been listening to COME ON EILEEN and always thought lyrics were "come on Eileen/Oh, I swear, after school..."

7:15 PM - @slavezombie: moving on
back at Mohawk Bend...

From Twitter, Monday, 9-16-2013

11:50 AM - @slavezombie: @haydenblack is that little guy just playing dead?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-17-2013

9:46 AM - @slavezombie: my YouTube player has been stuck on a groove for the past hour streaming #comeonEileen

9:48 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman the saddest short I've ever read

12:24 PM - @slavezombie: I've listened to "Come on Eileen" so many times now, I think I'm trying to tell myself that I want to sing this song at a karaoke bar.

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-21-2013

4:10 PM - @slavezombie:
Remember the way I would whine about this rot iron bench?...
[ ]

4:12 PM - @slavezombie: built a replacement out of wood And brought it to work...
[ ]

4:13 PM - @slavezombie:
when I placed it where all My co-workers could enjoy it during Their break, I took a picture. well it got jacked
[ ]

4:28 PM - @LauraJSilverman: Oi, Honda Dealership guy, just because I'm a babe doesn't mean I'm stupid. I am kind of a babe though. So, I guess thanks for noticing.

4:31 PM - @slavezombie:
2 weeks ago I noticed this bench had gone missing. Other Co workers noticed it before that, assuming I took it home.
[ ]

6:20 PM - @slavezombie:
Why is this game so amusing? Could it be 'cus it's impossible to spin the ring loop onto the pen?
[ ]

7:59 PM - @slavezombie: I'm just going thank my lucky stars that it hasn't come to that, so, try a Pearl Diver!

From Twitter, Thursday, 9-26-2013

12:24 PM - @slavezombie: I've had some variety of a smart phone for years now, the kind with the ability to make video chat calls. Today is the first day I made one.

4:02 PM - @slavezombie: stayed home yesterday cuz of dull pain in hip. Today, feel better & took a 600mg Back at work. l banged my shin on other leg. -Hobbler

From Twitter, Sunday, 9-29-2013

8:19 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman could th-this mean y-your okcupid account is n-n-now up to date?

8:34 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman I spent years trying to make my blog look like a fax machine

11:33 AM - @slavezombie: here l am at friend's house. Soon wilt be off to a book fair
We'll stop 4 gas and cigs Then grab a snack B 4 din din

12:37 PM - @slavezombie: Roland Hendley wise Tweets from s journalist: "stand by 4 my latest tweets"
"Please retweet 2 followers so they can stand by; 2."

12:39 PM - @slavezombie: RH: "just woke up on unfamiliar couch covered with cat hair. Another long morning of detagging."

12:41 PM - @slavezombie: RH: "loving new waterproof case 4 iphone."
"Look at me peeps-I'm Anthony Weiner! Ha!"
"Don't get why teens can't handle texting while..."

12:44 PM - @slavezombie: RH: "... driving. Nothing simpler. "
"Live-tweeting from Fox News men's room. U would never believe what I just overheard, so I won't report

12:45 PM - @slavezombie: RH: "... it. "
"Followers! Find the real word in my recent pocket tweets! Win a valuable prize! "

12:47 PM - @slavezombie: RH: "Ambian not working, so popped a more couple pops more. "

Somebody please go check on Roland tomorrow morning.

From Twitter, Monday, 9-30-2013

10:18 PM - @slavezombie: Tried to learn something new in photoshop. Probably a waste of time which wouldn't have been spent any better watching tv. Transparencies...

11:40 PM - @slavezombie: Is it a pair of shoes dangling from telephone wires that somebody filled with potting soil so that something grows?
[ ]

11:43 PM - @slavezombie: I think it's getting to be that time when I must take my cat to the vet. A trip poor Figaro will not be returning home from because he's ill


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