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nap time

Usually, when I'm having a lazy weekend, I would eat a full meal for lunch and get the sleepy head syndrome. Siesta hour turns into several hours of Zzzz's. Today wouldn't have been any different other than that I chose to go out to eat. My friend isn't hungry right now. Hmmn, let's call her Deirdre. Yes, Deirdre wants to have a nap before we go.

I didn't want to wear my battery down typing all this, so I asked if I could use her laptop to fool around online. I truly have no intention of taking a nap right now.

I thought of going home, but when I ran that by her, Deirdre announced her disagreement. She'll let me take a walk, though. She would expect a pack of cigarettes when I returned. I've been following the saga of kinky_carter as she is writing about her ventures to relocating from her shared apartment with two other roommates, to Los Angeles.

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