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Aryan cursive writing should be making a come back revival in America as a symbolic means of retaliation against the Nazi analogies which people are coming to terms with as President George W blindly leads his countrymen to war. According to fluffyblanket, he seems to be a real Bushwah.
    Read the wiki article on Spencerian handwriting and compare it to the wiki description of the German form of cursive, Sutterlin. It made its mark in history long after the creation of writing by linking letters of words together and maintains many of the characteristics handwriting has lost from generation to generation over time. I see no reasonable explanation that justifies why the education system in this country supports the obliteration of one type of cursive hand to another 'Americanized' cursive print.
    With the creation of font faces making it easy to apply cursive style print to paper at the touch of a button, why nobody sees a need to incorporate such features in their contracts, business correspondence, ledgers the way businesses conducted their books in the past (before typewriters) makes me wonder how accountants can crunch numbers for employers without regard to roots foundation. It would seem that everybody prostitutes their skill in their own way, bookkeepers practicing new math, traditionalists designers applying design lettering concepts to marketing communication, and most recently digital programmers wiping the slate clean.

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