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Flickr search engine

This is the sketch I did with one of the flickr results

Read the review of Chris Langreiter's latest project on the Wall Street Journal, It's a search engine that searches flickr photos by doodling images with your mouse. Here's the review by Aaron Rutkoff.
    One of the disclaimers in the article which quote the author of the program is that the flickr database is so large, it can't possibly turn up every image that resembles your sketch. Duh… I have a flickr account where I upload my cartoons. I have the original digital file on my computer to pull up as the search criteria, but my image doesn't appear. The same kind of thing happens when I'm browing the livejournal database for members with similar interests. An example is ALCHEMY. It seems a lot of lj users have "alchemy" as one of their interests becuz when I browse that subject, there are many, many ljers with recent updates to their blog. I scroll down the list to see approximately where my user name should appear, but it doesn't. Bugger! Why? The whole point of my blog is so I can be seen.

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