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16 more days until Halloween

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    Make that 15 more days. I saw so much TV this weekend, it's not even funny. Jackass, the movie was one of them. Red eye was another. I must've been bored to watch Red eye. The moment the film started, I saw the word Dreamworks, and that should've been enough to turn off my TV and pick up a book. But I know if I had done that, I would've fallen asleep and woken up at 11:30 or 12:00 all groggy and desperate for more sleep. Then I wouldn't have come up with this weeks illustration. It sucked, BTW. So far, I still think I'm right. Don't waste your money on Spielberg affiliated films.
    Poseidon was interesting, but I thought Ghost ship was more exciting. Out of all the DVDs and cable movies I watched this weekend, I think the best one was Some kind of wonderful. I never did see that when it was still kind've fresh out of the can. I went to dinner with friends on Friday the 13. It was a place called Don Cucos in Glendale. As you may already know, I try to stay away from Glendale, but I don't let that technicality get in the way of celebrating a work related event. It was a going away dinner for one of my co-workers who accepted a better gig with the County. She'll be employed as a social worker. A real honest to god profession. That's terrific. I'll be calling the powers that be Monday to inquire about any possibilities of promotions for me. They say that the exam for moving up one notch isn't difficult. I don't know about that. I took that exam before and didn't pass it.
    I'm willing to give it a try. I was so turned off about the idea of applying for anything with the city because of the sex scandal that I've been hearing on the news involving ex-congressman Foley, as well as the city hall sex scandal. It would be pretty dumb of me to let something that is totally not about me get in the way of promoting to a better job which pays more money.
    My boss will probably be changing my works hours soon seeing that we'll be open longer hours come 2007. If I manage to luck out on a transfer to downtown, my work hours might be 8:00 to 4:00, 9:00 to 5:00. I can't bare thinking what would happen if I get it, then later Ms. Micro Management returns to office HQ there and makes my life a living hell. How different could that be? On the one hand, I like the option of working the late shift. I'm not a morning kinda guy. Having more days out of the week to rush to Costco at 10:00am would make life so much more easier for me.

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