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19th July, 2013 © blanket sin – "glnd adv psy w"

Other day, visited friend at hospital. She seems to be doing very well. Slippery has this crazy idea of helping me write a screenplay and I kinda worked my co-worker as a mi5 agent.

So, I'm sitting there with my friend in the main meeting room. She's watching TV with fellow patients. They're talking just fine together. I'm trying to talk about certain topics she doesn't feel comfortable with (as if I'm some kind of newsman).


Trying to make sense out of the way she sits there watching TV as though she doesn't care about some of the scenes she makes, I start sketching this picture.

I made pizza the other day. I bought a sack of wheat flour. It's okay, I guess. Google suggests I try refined white flour. I remember somebody else recommending that, so I'm going to be shopping in the baking goods row of supermarkets, and asking questions of store clerks, about where I can find "Refined White Flour".


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