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I so want to come up with a punch line for this routine

I just found this video* of Juliet Cowan doing a stand up routine. She's hilarious, man. Good god.

I love her eye gestures. I need her here in LA for movies. There isn't anybody else who can portray Deirdre the way Juliet can with those winks, blinks, googly eyes etc. So, I'm a bit whipped and if she were doing American TV, I'm sure she would become my ultimate favorite actess, even over Elina Löwensohn.

Waht to do. Heh. There's a bit she does about sexual fantasies. Myself, being born and raised in LA, and of hispanic decent, you can see how vain I might become when I hear her rendition of a hispanic cleaning lady for a rich LA family.

How do I get the name Enrique from the LA son's name Eric? Obviously Eric is the child the husband, Brad, named in honor of Rosa's father, whom he's been having an affair with ever since he hired her. Too much?

PUNCHLINE: Mom really does have a stroke and finds herself in a relationship with the younger woman of 50-something instead of "Muscles", who, she's completely forgotten about.

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