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Bier de Stone

White belly phonesitter frog

20th June, 2013 © blanket sin – "hst"

This is where I ramble so that I envision what my drawring looks like against a blog of text. Tomorrow I'll be trying out a pub for the first time. I'm having some reservations because it is in downtown and the parking situation is going to be a mystery to me. Before I get around doing that, I have some shopping in mind. I'm trying to put together a small little gift set consisting of a mug (for coffee) and candy/toys.

Not toys per se, but more like office supplies. A pencil sharpener, a pencil, etc. I still consider these things toys because just look at how I spend down time at work when the phone isn't ringing. I love this part. Unfortunately, it is during this customer service part of my job that a disgruntled customer can ruin my whole day in the blink of an eye.

Why the frog? If I knew how to draw an owl, it would've been a some sort of bird of prey. This kind of doodling I do up here, in the public eye, is required to be, by definition, stupid and unimportant because when a customer arrives, I have to drop what I'm doing and feel comfortable taking notes on the sheet of paper in front of me. That means, this little froggy could've met with a lacking leg, or improper shading.

Funny how I began shading with a rolled up paper to blend in the pencil strokes and in the end, I poked a hole in the frog's mouth to hold the paper. I think it added some character, having destroyed my drawring this way. It reminds me of the picture of my bedroom where I'm sleeping which I uploaded in the profile of my lj blog but had all but crumpled it up and tossed in the trash before it ever got scanned.


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