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Is this injury considered work related if I pulled a hangnail during work hours as a result of stres

This is what I mean about physical exhaustion performing nonstop menial tasks at work, over encountering the spawn from hell. The stress from this job can provoke a person to literally groom til it hurts. My fingernails were getting a bit long and I used nail clippers to trim them. This was last week, and I saw a little hangnail that I could remove. I never clip hangnails, BTW. I always pull them off with my fingers the way I do nose hairs.

Long story short, this one was a bleeder. I patched myself up with a bandaid and applied iodine once every day. The iodine I find reasonably mild is the one that comes in a browned tincture fluid.

Here's a picture of my swollen infected ring finger. It's not too bad but it hurts like hell. I mean, nobody is going to be grossed out by looking at the picture. After a week of first aid with the iodine, my finger has become swollen and painful to the touch. I notice the pain when I try to hold a pencil.

I included a picture of a bottle of Iodide in the picture. I don't know why you can't buy this over the counter, but the% of iodine is higher than the brown stuff. I call this my nuclear strength iodine because I only need it for when something has reached infection. Nuclear because of the pills that theoretically cure fall out. Who is the culprit?

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