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A very long engagement

    This book by Sebastien Japrisot seems to have been translated in 1994 by Linda Coverdale. It wasn't until the movie was released in 2004 that another edition of the same translation was published. I just finished reading it today. Although I saw the movie already, the book was still entertaining. There are parts of the book that help explain scenes in the film but were edited for brevity. I practically memorized the film version of the story as I've seen it more than once. I didn't miss much of the changes that were made in the film when I couldn't find them in the book. The book starts off simple enough, but becomes tedious in the many characters and nicknames which are assigned to them during World War I. I thought it was a classic love story. I could read it over again and enjoy it more than the first time.
    I didn't pause at the complexity of the story and simply skimmed thru any parts that I thought wouldn't drastically heighten the story. Because I did this, reading the book again would explain the story that much better.
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