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This is how hard I am to understand

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I read on the web that Tower Records is going under. So today is the first day of the liquidation sale of all their merchandise. I drive out there, get a flat, repair the flat and I don't even park to browse a few CDs. With my little Tower Records air freshener that I still have dangling from the rear view mirror, I drive to a gas station to fill up the spare with air.
    From the gasoline station, I drive all the way cross town to inquire about a tire. I've been having leak problems on one of my tires and I've been procrastinating getting it replaced. Fortunately, it is this very tire that blows up beyond repair. So, let's summarize. For me to get from point A to point C, I first have to go to point B (blow-out).
    I feel this long weekend is going by too fast. I called Bloomy's to see if they had any coffee machines in stock. The one at work leaks like a mother. Bloomy's never seems to have what I'm looking for when I call by phone. It reminds me of the real estate commercial I hear on the radio from time to time. An interested buyer calls the seller and disguises his voice. He mimics foreigners and it isn't until he disguises his voice like an Englishman that the seller responds by offering to show the house, whereas she had refused the previous callers, obviously for their cultural background. So, yes. If you all could hear my voice, you would think I was a poor, lower class laborer.
    The song lyrics in the cartoon above should read:

    The thing I don't like about poetry is the need to rhyme. If I could write poetry without rhyming, that would be so much easier. Anyway, I made a couple typos in the work "sweetly", and the temple of the lyric is now different. Grrr. I'm to lazy to fix it. So what. Who cares.
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