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18th May, 2013 © blanket sin – "clutter"

Something came over me in April when I completely forgot my sister's birthday. I didn't remember I had forgotten until two weeks later. So I started thinking of how I was going to find a birthday card with a belated theme.

I had recently brought home a DVD from the library (Silver Linings) and when my landlady spoke to my sister about it, my sister asked if she could borrow it. I said sure, but it turns out she never got around to watching it anyway. I asked her why, and she responded that she didn't know how.


Apparently she has difficulty changing the TV mode to "input" and since her son is away at colleger, she has nobody to pop the DVD into her machine. I can't understand her lack of technological know-how because the movie Silver Linings is pretty good. Worth trying to figure out the TV remote, anyway. It was the sad face emoticon she texted back to me when I dismissed it all with "your loss" as I returned the DVD back to the library.

That sad face is what I recalled when it dawned on me that I forgot her b-day. After work I went to Amoeba Records and picked up a copy of Silver Linkings so she would have it when her son returned from college for the weekend. I drew up my own birthday card — all those years in art school finally coming in handy. I think it worked out well because I never know what to get my sister for her birthday (or x-mas for that matter) and this time I knew exactly what she wanted.


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