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Meet me at the stairs

4th May, 2013 © blanket sin – "stairs219"

I found this to be amusing. My first girlfriend and I use to meet at these stairs after school. This was when I was fifteen. We'd climb the stairs to a point where there was a trail marked by some Agave plants. We'd sit there and chat and kiss and kiss some more.

This picture is my favorite. When I reached this point, I thought perhaps this was the stairs where we would meet, but I climbed up to the very top and found another set of stairs (top photo).

If you can see the shadow of a hut to the right of the stairs in the top photo, that's roughly where we use to spend our time together. The hut is kind of like a patio of some sort. There never use to be anything there but a fairly level plot of land where we wouldn't slide down the embankment.

These pictures were taken on 35mm with a Sprocket Rocket


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