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Bier de Stone

Here's a doc on letterhead I'm brainstorming. It was put together using illustrator/InDesign

28th April, 2013 © blanket sin – "weblank"

So, I exported the letterhead and typed this all up in InDesign. The font I used is Chandler. I got the idea when I read one of the entries to the Teeritz Agenda. I really like how his letterhead stationary looks and I found it inspiring.

I won't, however, be typing with my typewriter on this letterhead because I don't like the effect laser jet printers give to a piece of paper. So, for my next project, I will work on making an illustration board with hand printed URL, return address, phone, etc. AND the WebLink logo shall be inked by yours truly. I have that font on the computer (Jugend), but I can't seem to print it properly because it is protected. Otherwise! of course I could care less about the effect a laser printer gives to a piece of paper. This version I've uploaded has jaggies.

I haven't done production for a long time. I'm no expert with the Roman style calligraphy lettering. I don't have rights to reproduce Jugend either. Oh well, I'm sure I'll hear from somebody's lawyer when and if they take note. I've got to keep my chops up to par somehow and I simply can't bring myself to practice calligraphy, paste-up production, and silkscreening without having a project that will mean something to me. I can't say how long it will take, but I'll try to make an effort to upload the finished version so that you can compare quality from inception to completion.

One thing I find fascinating is the difference between exporting a text document to pdf format from a computer (using this vintage typewriter font) and scanning a similar document into the computer from a hard copy (generated on my Royal Quiet De Luxe 1949 portable typewriter).


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