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Saturday night

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I was so bored, I felt like a movie or dinner with somebody. But I think I was more restless than in a partying mood. I stayed home Saturday and worked on editing stuff. I only quit to watch SNL because I've been curious to see who will be filling in the spots that Tina Fey left behind, and I also enjoy watching the skits with Rachel Dratch.
    The new SNL line-up doesn't include Rachel Dratch. I don't think there's any other reason to be tuning in to SNL on my lonely, restless Saturday nights anymore. Now I'll be watching 30 Rock. I'm not a fan of sitcoms anymore. The last sitcoms that I was really commited to was Cheers and Frasier. When Friends came on the air, I gradually stopped channel surfing for new sitcoms altogether. Anyway, my plan is to record all the episodes Rachel Dratch is in, and tune in to watch them on Saturdays when I would normally stay up until 12:30 waiting for the live perfomance on SNL.
    Oh, I also heard that Degeneris will be hosting the Academies next year. She is not my favorite comedienne. I don't have anything against her, she just reminds me of a blond stranger that I had tried to make small talk with on the bus one day on my way to work. I also dislike Malcom Jamar Warner because he resembles somebody who was in charge of supervision for a group of temp workers assigned to a place called Iron Mountain. Prince resembles another employee of that company. I don't like him either.
Rachel Dratch.
    I'm tired. I did a lot today, and I didn't even get a chance to mop my floor or clean my bathroom, or vacuum the rug in the bedroom, or clear off the dresser counter, or dust off my computer table. I don't want to work tomorrow, but I'll go because it's such a cushy job. I am going to remove a cardboard from underneith the fish tank. I don't really want to bring the fish tank back home with me again. I like having my fishy friends at work where I can sit and stare at them endlessly.
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