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Heard about this sports injury on the radio this morning

ZEE and HENRY decide to spend their break together outside. They had been discussing philosophy in the office awkwardly because of the foolish way something might be interpreted by another co-worker who may walk in on them.

I know what you mean. The whole gay pride thing is a conspiracy.

But, you know, in the end, it's your family--blood relatives--who a person can rely on for never leaving. I mean, if you got murdered, it would be your mom who would cry for you.

Well, I would tell her not to.

You can't say that. I mean, maybe, a soldier who is being shipped out to Iraq might say that to his mom, his wife, sisters. But that's because there's a fifty-fifty chance he might not be coming back. Your life expectancy is longer than that and you'd probably come off as psychotic if you brought that up in a normal conversation. I'm just saying that your blood relatives look out for you through thick and thin. Even if you just fall down and break your leg.

Oh, I see what you're trying to say. So like, if I was married and I killed my husband because he snored too loud, my mom isn't going to give a shit the way his mom might cry out bloody murder.

Right. Oh, hey! did you see that basketball game in which one of the players jumped up to block a shot and when he landed he broke his leg?* It was on the news. They had the slo-mo on youtube. It's not for the squeamish. Ugh, you can see how his leg is completely busted up and bend as if at the knee, but truly it's bent at the shin.


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