Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Another attempt to draw the prez

25th March, 2013 © blanket sin – "computerscreen"

Hello. I haven't done this for awhile. That's because I can't seem to clear my drawing table of clutter. It isn't as though I'm swamped with jobs, assignments, projects. No. I have my laptop set up on the corner (lower left) of the drafting table everything else pushed aside. I would list all the junk I have cluttering my drawing table, but I don't think lj would permit such a large entry (word count).

It's weird. Whenever I do manage to clear stuff off, it gradually re-appears again. Frustrating. If anybody has any tips on clearing off the drawing table, I've got lots of empty Avon boxes the neighbor throws over the fence.

Tags: illustration, politics, url

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