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18th March, 2013 © blanket sin – "SHE"

Been thinking of upgrading my phone to the samsung galaxy Note, but am waiting for prices to go down. My HTC EVO still works fine and I think I can get another year out of it.

Also need new glasses. Want some Maui Jims but they're costly even with the benefits I get from work. Don't really need new shades for riding at the moment. Still got some ugly tortoise shell ray bans that I just recently began to use. They'd been backups but I scratched my primary riding shades and don't wanna fix them.

That's the news with me. It's hard putting it all in screenplay format. Takes too long, but AFAIC, very worthy of dialog material.

Hi, She. I know ur out there. Been thinking of you.

Tags: ana garcia, illustration

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