Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

A need for space to save picture files in and won't become full

Made a decision. If I want my blog to appear like each entry was written on a manual typewriter, then the only way to go is to type up hard copies of an entry, scan it into the computer, then upload it to my blog. My only concern here, aside from how much more time consuming that would be, is the amount of space each scanned document will take up.

a friend of mine, who's very happy with her paid flickr account says it's worth it. I have been thinking of paying for hosting at godaddy, when my space at lj runs out, but maybe what I really want to do is get a paid Flickr account. I mean, an uploaded image file, whether it's a photo or a scanned document, is pretty much treated the same anyway. I mean, now that cyber police don't allow for sharing MP3 files anyway, there isn't any real need for having a hosting service with a broader range of file compatibility than just jpg, png, gif, etc.


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