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I never could find the info I need online to satisfy my query on how writers from bygone days managed to get anything done on a manual typewriter. Today I Googled the search term typewriter news and page two of the results pages had this article about a guy who quit his job to write poetry on street corners much the way portable fruit stands, ice cream vendors and taco/hot dog stands move around the city selling their product.

A lot of the results that turn up from such a Google search has to do with the fact that manual typewriters are becoming, if not already, obsolete. Well, that's not what I seek when I look up stuff online about typewriters. Arts & letters Daily had an article captioned the struggle with writing is over and that caught my attention, though it would've been better if I had seen more attention to the struggle of ink ribbon, carbon paper, white out, onion paper, and portability of producing valuable intellectual property on an old machine.

There seems to be a lot of interesting links in my Google search to fill my time at work during down time, and that's probably what I'll be reading if I don't delve into my digital copy of My far away one. If one doesn't mind weeding thru the commercial sites, perhaps the Muse, or inspiration, needed to start being serious about investing time and money on writing this way can be found.
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