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Dreamt I was a college student somewhere

Woke up to what might've been the blunt sound of a rat trap, but this time, instead of loud clap of steel on wood, it sounded cushioned as if it actual sprung on something.

Good thing I woke too, as my dream wasn't making any sense. But 4:30? I wasn't about to get dressed and bring in the ladder to check the attic for any dead critters, so I lay in bed just listening to the wall. Funny how before, the walls would wake me up with obscure knocks of a settling house at 3am. Now it's the scurrying feet of critters.

I can almost see them as I follow their footsteps from one part of the room to another. Somehow they find an exit to the roof near the north east corner of the building. My window is open, well at least the shades are, and I can see shadows climb onto the tree. I get my flashlight and see two racoon. Big mofos, too. No rat trap is going to do much damage there, except possibly cause some pain. Heh, and I was thinking of using sticky paper for the problem.

So it's obvious the problem is on my rooftop where these racoon have access to my house. They're obviously coming in only at night, for what purpose I can only imagine is to breed. They must have baby racoons up in the attic waiting for mom & dad to bring food. Tomorrow's project is to climb into roof and block access into house.

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