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Fellow Blogger: I'm trying something new

I think I twisted my wrist at work retyping articles in old newspaper issues covering book reviews. As I read them and type them--while business is slow, of course--the whole journalism thing takes on a whole new dimension. Besides the fact that what I'm doing is wrong (I just haven't gotten around to sending a snail mail inquiry thru the proper channels) I'm learning how the times likes to format their articles. For instance, the capitalize major words I am titles, regardless whether they are nouns or objects. That kind of practice, IMO makes it difficult for when the reader doesn't know if a word in a book title is a person place or thing. Then there's the grammatical practice of not using an apostrophe for a possessive pronoun as in, 'that critter is deader than its hybrid counterpart'. Perhaps I just wasn't aware of it, but i always thought a possessive pronoun, "its" in this case, always included an apostrophe.

So what's this thing I'm trying. Nothing really. I'm just pluging these book reviews in a community blog to see if I can start making constructive suggestions in the book buying process. I call it Project Book List and I've included links to the LAPL online form to use for making these suggestions. C'mon folks, the dinky little library I work in has such a crappie selection of books, it's time I did something about it.
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