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My 3rd finger, my brain (and back), and the details of technical creativity

All week long, beginning Sunday, I've been procrastinating saying to myself "I'll practice all day tomorrow (this was Saturday), I'll practice after work (this was Sunday), I'll practice tomorrow (Monday), I'll practice Wednesday (Tuesday), I'll practice tomorrow (Wednesday)" and I did. Finally. I think I spent an hour trying to play the same ol` song over and over STANDING UP. It's not easy standing for 5+ minutes with a guitar strap over your shoulder. My back's killing me. And I suck playing MEAN MAN standing up. Who knew there would be a problem handling a guitar standing up as opposed to sitting down? My finger, however, is cracked for the worse of it. I thought I'd limit my practice to an hour to conserve my third finger which gets the brunt of the bent notes and the vibratos, but after a closer look, I don't feel a thing and there is no redness. I've developed a resistance to blisters on my ring finger, but where there is callousness bordering soft tissue, my finger is cracked.
  Earlier today I worked on what should be October's issue of Pilcrow News. I've renamed it Pilcrow Zine. I don't know why. Maybe I'll change it back to Pilcrow News by October. I'm really only editing all my lj entries in SimpleText. In order to facilitate identifying what I've already read, edited and revised, I change the text font to something droll. However, hi-liting text, then going to the menu to select FONT, and choosing the droll font face is too troublesome for the amount of times that I actually do this in the span of five to ten minutes. I save my work and go do something else only to come back and find where I left off more easily. It dawns on me that I can use a style sheet to do all this in a more sophisticated manner, so I open my text file with AppleWorks (when what I should be doing is using Vi in Terminal).
  It was easy to save the changes in SimpleText. The key combination to save on a mac is command+S. However, in Appleworks, I do this and a "save as" window pops up every time. Perhaps it's because I'm saving in rtf, while in SimpleText I was saving in txt format. Before I decided that it would be a good idea to change the font face of completely proofed content, I was just looking for stuff to fill the pages of my newsletter design, but since I suck in designing newsletters, I thought there should be interesting content to hold my reader's interest. The Styles feature in AppleWorks isn't satisfactory. It requires that I hi-lite every word of the ¶ down to the last letter for the style to be applied, whereas InDesign only requires the cursor to be placed anywhere in a ¶ to apply a style to it. The only problem with using InDesign is that I have to create text boxes for each page of text. I very much dislike handling the mice.
  Tomorrow I'm not practicing until I heal. I should go see a movie. Unfortunately, I've put myself on a accounting-challenged, stupid movie budget that doesn't compensate for going to see a film that looks like it might be good, and discovering it got way too much media coverage. So, the coupon I have is for a particular theatre which isn't showing ALL THE KINGS MEN yet. These cheapo discount coupons I get thru work are lame because certain theaters do not accept them after 6:00pm for new releases, and limited release movies. I'm as big a movie fan as the next guy, but I enjoy going to movies fresh out of the can (for a bargain). That means, I either have to arrange my schedule to see new releases on weekends, when I can go during the day and the sun hurts my nocturnal eyes, or waiting until two weeks pass before I even consider requesting discount coupons, and go at my leisure in the evening. I can also read a book and wait until the film makes its appearance on cable. It takes me that long to finish reading a book.
  I got my next 8-week work schedule covering the last part of October, November and the first part of December. Life at work is ever stressful. Today I had to demonstrate something to the un-enlightened. I said, I do know how to do the task, I'm just NOT as effective teaching it to other peeps. Then the voice from above said unto me, set forth and show the peeps your skill to the best of your ability. And I did. Now two additional people know how to make a book cover for a book. I did make a request to the almighty, as I'm sure most people would do once they've got their ear, to please promote me one level up so I can say that I have authority. I'm not holding my breath however; my prayers aren't answered when people like me have a lousy attitude about going through regular channels to test for promotion. If it isn't one thing, it's another, and then I feel like a spoiled brat who always wants to get his own way. My poor friend in Germany had the misfortune of being given a link to the mp4 file of my first attempt to record MEAN MAN. We've been writing to each other for 10 years. She's real big on HOT BAR and always sends avatars and smileys in her eMail to me. I don't get a chance to browse as often as I would like so that I can return the compliment with eye candy of my own. God knows I can put people to sleep with my tireless jabbering of the jaw. So, I thought a status report of my progress was in order. This is it.

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