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Took in a movie last week as a result of reticent co-worker shockingly blabbing about it to me. Hating Breitbart, I discovered, was playing in limited release. Besides Florida, Virginia and Texas, Burbank, California had a screening available. I went at 6 o'clock and let me say, I was the only person in the theater.

I probably would've overlooked this film had my co-worker not mentioned it. I only decided to see Hating Breitbart when I read the plot description. Journalism, and /or blogisphere writer is what this film was about. I can't say I ever read any of the articles written by Breitbart, but it is a possibility I ran across his name back when I had DSL. I want to say he dabbled in something similar to gonzo journalism, in that he focused mostly on avoiding mainstream media topics. I just don't think that's all there is to it that makes up a good news story containing that gonzo trademark. Rather, Breitbart seems rebellious and confrontational in his tactic to bring his point across to his readers, denigrating whoever in big media gets in his way. It's a good film and I found myself wanting to buy the DVD as soon as it is available just so I could see it again. And again. And again.
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