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The last debate: Who will be the Antichrist?

Bob Sheafer commencoring.

The question is about the cold war scare, when Americans feared the possibility of a nuclear war. Romney's response is: "we must have a comprehensive plan". Obama's response: "we are going after the murderers in Libya"

Romney's rebuttal was that he wants to kill them too.

Obama's re-rebuttal: a month ago you said the greatest threat to this country was Russia

They both then go at each others throats.

Question 2
War in Syria (Lebanon). Should this country (USA) reassess policies?

OBAMA: Syrians must assess their own future. Assad's days are numbered.

ROMNEY: we need affective leadership...

OBAMA: the libyans stand with us because Kadafi had more blood on his hands, aside from bin Laden.

ROMNEY: we have sufficient resources to support those troops.

Question 3 on Egyptian turmoil, any regrets the way you handled it?

OBAMA: these countries cannot develop w/o educating their women.

Yada yada yada.

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