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Lazy day

We are now on a normal furlough free schedule at the library, though our paychecks are still being shortchanged by 40 hours each year. Whereas last year our salary was lessened too, we at least had to deal less with the general public as we were not opened 51 hours per week. We were only opened to the public 39.5 hrs. While being functional with less workers was fine last year, this year will be a clusterfuck until the rehires, or new employees, are placed.

I've taken a relaxed perspective by limiting the amount of volunteerism I do in areas of dtp, working with excel, and/or taking on new applications to learn and master. I do what I'm expected and hardly more. I still see the others [co-workers] reading when business is slow. Some of them have taken on extra assignments tweeting news and events for the library's twitter acct. But I still see them surfing the net when they think nobody is watching. Since Internet access was disabled at the check-out counter, it's no wonder that us lowly clerks would try to justify reasons for being at the computer terminals in the office area just to be able to recuperate from the nonsense some of the patrons subject us to. Bastards.

One in particular comes to mind. Unfortunately, it is my belief that that Mofo knows my blog url and might be reading this entry too. It's hard being able to write stuff, let alone watch what I write. That's like David Galbraithe legal correspondence between Lockheed Martin for registering a domain name with the words skunk works in them.

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