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In other news

This is real big. Wasn't it NBC that shafted Schindler when the first version of the Schindler's list book came out in video. No. I don't know. I don't have my facts straight. But really, who cares about Schindler. This involves royalty checks, copyrights, etc. That Warner Brothers can make Superman do whatever the CEOs wish is outrageous. No, sir. We cannot tolerate this. The cartoonists of our time must stand and protest this absurdity.

Do we not fear for our lives when we doodle the profit Muhammad? Do we not fear our livelihood when we doodle editorials? Yessum, says I. Are we NOT the loneliest nerds on the planet without a girlfriend?! Have I made my point?

Be alert for the red letter "S" on ads, logos, and cereal boxes. The world is about to end. December 21, 2012 is nigh . The angels have begun their decent from heaven. And if Obama becomes President for another 4 years, I promise to stop listening to music from 100.3fm (the Sound)


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