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7 psychopaths

Gee wiz, Wally. Why dint you tell me you been feelin' like I've been neglecting you

I went to see a movie last week , but I was probably not focused the way I should've been if I was planning to write something about it. Frankly, deary, I didn't think a film about a group of small criminals who dognap people's pets for the reward money would be so hard to follow.

If you've seen the trailer for the movie, you might also catch the fact that these lowly degenerates get themselves into a fix when they unintentionally kidnap a mafia boss' dog. What you may not catch from the trailers or teasers is that the whole movie revolves around a screenwriter.

I hope I've managed to interest my readers to go see this flick. I wish I had known as much before I was undecided between Argo and Seven Psychopaths . Unfortunately, I haven't seen Argo yet, so I can't compare the two. But, if it helps, I am considering going back and paying to watch Seven psychopaths all over again.
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