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Status report

Well, I still have no DSL service coming into the ol' homestead. It isn't easy to keep up with my blog as I use to back in the good ol' days when I did have Internet. I can say too that it wasn't easy getting out of the house when I did have Internet.

I'm still saving money from those ridiculous monthly bills. The neighbor (landlord) who saw that I had cancelled my cable TV for rabbit ears followed suite and asked me to install a rooftop antenna for her. I did that and it lasted for a few months, because she turned around and started a new service with Dish Network. She's now stuck in a 2-year contract.

While I frequently check my savings, it doesn't look like I've accumulated much from the money I've been saving. I've been out and about going on rides left and right to the point that the sitting position on my Harley Knightster has become so uncomfortable, wiggling around on my seat to eliminate a cryptorchid sensation from having encountered a bump on the road does very little in the way of knowing I've still got big balls. Going on long stretch rides can be expensive. This weekend I rode north to Lompoc with a friend for a weekend of gambling, dining, shopping and all around dulbergery. I never knew these things could be so expensive to do, and a lot more fun than staying home watching TV, web surfing.

I recently began to commute to work with my laptop. Here I can get online without all the bills. It isn't as ideal sneaking in a blog entry during work time, but as long as it's possible, I won't complain. Eventually my saving will start looking positive. For instance, now that autumn is here, it's only a matter of time before the rainy season starts kicking in and rides start becoming scarce. I'll probably still be reading my Stephen King book 11/22/63 (I read slowly). But I haven't just been busy traveling to and from popular hang-outs. I've managed to secure a position as newsletter editor for an special interest publication. It's a nice feeling to finally be appreciated for my computer skills after burying myself in my room trying to figure technical drawbacks in the art of blogging, website design, networking, etc. It pays close to nothing, but nothing beats happiness in what you do. Ay, Buckwheat?

Now that you know what I've been up to, how about some feedback, god damn it.
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